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Shackle Reverse Systems (SRS)

Why install a Shackle Reverse System (S.R.S.)™? Because it allows the front suspension to travel in a much more natural action when the spring compresses. In stock form (shackles in front of the front axle) when the front tire comes in contact with an obstruction, the impact is partially transmitted back to the frame via the solid rear pivot point. Reversing the pivot point to a point in front of the axle allows the impact to be better absorbed by the spring and shackle. The result is a more natural suspension flow over the obstacle. At higher speeds, a smoother ride and improved handling is noticeable, less wandering and darting are some other advantages.

All M.O.R.E.™ S.R.S.™ have a very important design feature built into the front pivot brackets. They move the front axle forward from the stock location. Why? When the shackle is reversed to behind the front axle, it will swing rearward and the tire will move slightly aft as the suspension compresses. Pushing the wheelbase forward will help keep the tire from contacting the fender during suspension compression. This is the only correct way to build a reversal system. Due to the action of this suspension movement, the front drive shaft needs to have more slip-yoke travel then stock (almost double!). With this in mind, the front drive shaft will have to have a longer travel slip-yoke installed by a professional drive line builder*. Also, a stock pitman arm may need to be retained (no drop) but will vary depending on the amount of lift you have on your Jeep®.

All bracketry is manufactured from .250” thick steel, Laser cut , holes laser cut or punched (not drilled), and precision bent to exact tolerances, all on CNC equipment, assembled in fixtures and pulse-welded for superior strength. No wimpy stuff here! Built to handle the abuses of gung-ho Jeepin’. All hardware is included, and complete instructions with several pictures are provided. For the do-it-yourselfers, we offer our S.R.S.™ bare steel where none of the parts have been powder coated or zinc plated. This saves you money and allows you to customize your rig with any color you desire. For the budget minded, we also offer them in "Kit” form. All of the pieces to build your own S.R.S.™ are included. If you are a welder/fabricator and can handle the assembly of the pivot brackets, weld them together by using your Jeep® frame as a jig. We’ve done all the cutting, punching of holes and slots, bending and most importantly, geometry for correct axle placement. All hardware is included (no powder coating or plating) along with detailed instructions for assembly.